Friday, June 26, 2009

ya,zdis zhivoi,(I am here and alive) year later.....many things have happened ,changes have taken place.Life had become monotonous and boring in my long vacations of a wasted year in the "ISC"....but when i reached Russia things became great again.
Russia has long been overlooked in most of the places,by English and American cultures that have raged on in the world.Russia had being closed to all the world,for centuries,first Genghis khan,then tsardom and more recently communism.Now after & months in this country ,I can talk about it like my five fingers.....
Russians are often referred to in most of the world (i.e as portrayed in movies and books ) as violent,heartless thats crap,man always has a tendency of coloring pictures with negativity of things he isn't sure about..... this is just another example,Russia has a rich cultural and traditional heritage,and Russians are a lot like Indians(not kidding!!!).........sentimental,spontaneous and also unlike most Indians,unbelievably hardworking........

1.The language-"uznat izik,eta uzhat,dushu naroda",goes the old russian saying meaning if you know a language,you know the soul of its people.The strange looking alphabets may seem strange and intimidating,but they actually are very fulfilling to the needs of the language,russian is 35% english and can be easily mastered through a deep study of lexics and grammar.

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Хорошо для того чтобы увидеть вас живые.


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