Friday, June 26, 2009

ya,zdis zhivoi,(I am here and alive) year later.....many things have happened ,changes have taken place.Life had become monotonous and boring in my long vacations of a wasted year in the "ISC"....but when i reached Russia things became great again.
Russia has long been overlooked in most of the places,by English and American cultures that have raged on in the world.Russia had being closed to all the world,for centuries,first Genghis khan,then tsardom and more recently communism.Now after & months in this country ,I can talk about it like my five fingers.....
Russians are often referred to in most of the world (i.e as portrayed in movies and books ) as violent,heartless thats crap,man always has a tendency of coloring pictures with negativity of things he isn't sure about..... this is just another example,Russia has a rich cultural and traditional heritage,and Russians are a lot like Indians(not kidding!!!).........sentimental,spontaneous and also unlike most Indians,unbelievably hardworking........

1.The language-"uznat izik,eta uzhat,dushu naroda",goes the old russian saying meaning if you know a language,you know the soul of its people.The strange looking alphabets may seem strange and intimidating,but they actually are very fulfilling to the needs of the language,russian is 35% english and can be easily mastered through a deep study of lexics and grammar.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Void.

He walks on the footpath.Drizzling rains had slowly started to fill up the potholes on the road.He suddenly turned left and entered an alley.Strange smells filled his nostrils ,rotting fruits,mango carps,cigarette butts,pan masala wrappers were choking the drains...'and now the bastards will blame the BMC',he thinks.....The walls were slowly started to get covered in moss.The movie posters looked strangely funny,and some people had torn them in a particular fashion to make them look sleazy.Some boys from the window of the government school stared at them with open mouths,and made some silly comments.....the alley was narrow and so was the world of its inhabitants....He knows this very well.,as he smiles to himself.....
Water dripping from the cement roofs ten feet above him irritates him,and he tries his best to avoid it,pushing his leg in the sludge below.......'Dosen't monsoon make everything gloomy??'...he thinks....A dog passes by hastily ....its fur is matted and there is a strange hairless spot just on his back....'that's how they mark the vaccinated dogs??' he remembers....It slowly moves to the side picks his leg up and takes a leak.....which happens to be on the head of a tattered drunkard...."man,monsoon makes them look filthier.....'he thinks....
The open electric boxes on poles shows a thousand jumbled wires which are soaked in water....children in their torn clothes play cricket with a semi rotten plank......using the pole as the middle stump.....somewhere in the jumble of wires stealing power through the mains...lies the familiar old board displaying the skull and two bones...."beware 22,000 volts,high voltage"......
He walks on.....somewhere ten feet above lies a bright banner.....some strange looking people in white are flashing their teeth....and a huge bow and arrow is displayed against a huge orange backdrop...beside which stands a thin and lean man with aviator sunglasses and a hand raised in total authority....he shrugs...a chai stall seems to be buzzing with appetizing smell of fried vadas and bhajias seduces him ......and the steam from the black aluminum kettle coats his spectacles in haziness......he wipes them but keeps going on ........
The alley comes to an end....and he suddenly enters the busy street.....the world around him suddenly bloats to unimaginable proportions.......buildings grow taller and loom from the gray sky the footpath is neatly metaled...the cars are swanky and water sprays from the smoother roads.....the multiplex around the corner shows the posters of the latest Hollywood flicks ....children move in disciplined files to their multi storied school without as much a glance to the multiplex......a beautifully lit hotel just receives its new guests.....and another attendant carries a clearly drunk person to his car.......the glass buildings become transparent in the setting sun......execs go on typing vigorously on their computers....he stands there and finally a thing dawns on him as clear as crystal..........
PS-India stands on four pillars;bollywood,politics,oily food and of course cricket.
Moral Of the Story-This may not be subtle at all,but nothing in life is subtle and in fact nothing should be especially when the truth stares blatantly in your face.......and if you think its subtle then ,I call it pure blindness......

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Strange Observations.

Have you ever noticed the strange things that are printed behind long books that we people generally use,well,petty as it may seem I have had the strange habit of following the strange facts and sayings that are printed there.......and not just that I have made an extensive study of this stuff........
When I was in class four,I started noticing the printed stuff behind books ,at that time I guess in 1999 and 2000,these book makers started the "millenium" editions and the hundred year calendars were suddenly famous,we kids had a lot of fun just to see on what weekday would we have our birthday in 2078 and similar things......
In class five-six,the trend started to change,the books started to carry the"strange facts" or "did you know?" sections where strangest of facts could be found,for e.g leech has 32 brains,man can float in the dead sea for a year before dying of dehydration and stranger facts..........some boring ones talked of sports like the fastest swimmer on earth or the first person to cross the english channel......others sang of the animal kingdom like a crocodile can regenerate its teeth throughout life or earthworms are blind.........while some chose urban the no. of TV sets brought in US every yesr or the biggest french fry ever made.........the list is endless......
Then in class seven-eight,came the "environmental" covers carried badly photoshoped images of far off fantasy lands and unimaginable greenery ....the "ecobuddy" concept was born....."take pride you saved a tree today" was printed on the last page and the forementioned crapola was replaced by procceses through which sugarcane product bagesse was used to make paper and how we make the right choice by buying that book,convinently forgetting the inclusion of sugarcane in the plant kingdom and making a chutya out of those who believed that crap.......
Years rolled on the trend was set by the bollywood flick Dhoom....the book covers were adorned with sleek n mean bikes and subsequently cars,,,,some even showed modern state of the art buildings....and a parallel trend generated too....that of bollywood celebrities on book covers......while the writings changed about supercars and superbikes was given along with its engine design..for eg.engine eight cylindered dual layered.1234 rpm,four way hadre a student understands all that crap....and with a set of twelve books you got a poster free.........
So far so trendspotting didn't end there.....some random trends are still in...for eg.....nobrl lauretes ,etc..................
But one thing stays the small label behind the book giving the printer's name and the no. of pages..........

Friday, May 2, 2008


Evanescence-punk lyrics=Nightwish

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Maiden of Fire

This poem is not quite complete but I felt like leaving it that way.........Don't expect happiness at the end or something......

The sun sets in the distant trees,
Giving way to its last beam,
go to darkness the creeks,
whose green waters betray a gleam.

The creeks are small,
flowing through the rocks and riffs,
on the edge of granite walls,
and plunging down into the lake amidst the dark cliffs.

A melody of Melancholy,
fills the banks of the lake,
An aura is created slowly,
as the maiden of fire comes to wake.

The lake comes to life,
Yellowed by the flames,
starts the eternal strife,
echoed in the maiden's slaves.

She has been there for long,
in that horrible plight,
but now she comes to life,
as she prepares to fight.

The clanks of chains,
Disturb the symphony,
she rises from the plains,
Eyes flashed with agony.

Her scream now forestalls,
and cuts through the merry air,
of masked palatial balls,
and down to the Satan's Lair.

Gleams the lake in the forest,
lost in the music that crowns,
the end of her quest,
The Maiden of Fire forever moans..........


Friday, April 18, 2008

Mandark's Uncertainity principle.

Well!!!I'm not much of a voracious reader of sorts;but certain books which I read always remain with me,so much so that I start to implement somethings from them in my own life.I have always had the strange ability; if you call it ,to retain almost anything I see or read in my memory.(though I remember the things which I completely understand or comprehend on a higher level,but not the ones with even an iota of doubt,hence I always either remember something as a whole or forget it all together,no partial memory in me)Hence,I begin to hate people who (esp.girls or womanlike men) talk in a strange uncertain way.Eg.You know the other day(which day?)I had gone to my cousin's place(where?),I met that guy(who?)and he was like totaly over the place.(what does that mean?).
Its not uncommon for us to meet people who are totaly clueless about things but talk in such a credible fashion that you nearly get hypnotized into believing that they are actually what they potray themselves to be.Many people say that I'm a person who will never take sides,and will be benifited from both(I can't do anything about my neutral stance,being a Libran)..But what people don't see is,how I Still hold on to people I love,though they may taunt me frequently for being with there"enemies"(there is nothing of that sorts,believe me).Enemity is nothing but an outward symptom of deep rooted prejudices.That word seems to me as a very childish one and not what you expect of good people.Furthermore,my neutral stance has never put me into uncertainity as a person,though people thought of me as" one hell o' a confused bastard"(these are someone's words),"a spy"(hahaha...what was I gonna do blow up the Indo US nuclear deal or something?)
I've never held any enemity towards anyone nor do I have any prejudices(racism,castism,regionalism,drugism,smokism.....nothing. Ayan mark this),and that is why I earn good friends wherever I go.Whatever I do or know will always be crystal clear,even as people fart their guts out on troubled waters and get into "coocons"....I have always known what I have to do,and I hope that whatever I do I never get touched by the evil bug of Uncertainity..............Rock on>>>>>>>>>